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The Worst Poem in the Universe

Chris Hoare

2019 — Bristol, UK

About this series

The Worst Poem In The Universe is a journey through Australia responding to the notion of ‘luck’ – both good and bad – whereby, Australia seems to have a unique affinity to it. The idea that the country could be regarded as ‘The Lucky Country’ was first suggested by Australian author Donald Horne in 1964, with a book titled as such. However, the book was full of irony and criticism, but the phrase has stuck and is at times used as an affirmation.

The title of the project is in reference to a poem written by Gina Rinehart, the wealthiest person in Australia. The poem has been described as the “worst poem in the universe”, not just because of its complete lack of poetic prose. But worse than this, the poem reads like a disturbing manifesto from someone who openly denies climate change. Gina herself could  well be the luckiest of Australians, since she inherited her father’s (Lang Hancock) mining empire, worth 75 million dollars, on top of endless royalties from mining giant Rio Tinto and is now worth 15 billion USD.

The Worst Poem In The Universe was exhibited at Paris Photo as part of the festivals Carte Blanche award. Two photographs from the series are also included in the current Taylor Wessing Portrait Prize at the National Portrait gallery (London).

© Chris Hoare
© Chris Hoare
© Chris Hoare
© Chris Hoare
© Chris Hoare
© Chris Hoare
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© Chris Hoare
© Chris Hoare

Photographer: Chris Hoare
Nationality: United Kingdom 
Based in: Bristol, England
Website: www.chrishoare.org
Instagram: @chrishoarephoto


Chris is a photographer born in Bristol, 1989. He is in the process of completing an MA in Photography at University West of England, whilst along side this working in the gallery at the Martin Parr Foundation and as an associate lecturer at Coventry University.

Within his personal work he is interested in areas of society that he feels are overlooked, interested in exploring themes of identity and place. He is increasingly drawn to ‘speculative documentary’, excited by the possibilities that come with telling visual stories in a loose metaphorical way.

It’s Nice That, HUCK, The Wire, Soccerbible, Les Inrockuptibles, Timeout, The Commuter Journal, B24/7, Bristol Magazine

Carte Blanche (Paris Photo) – Exhibition/selected
Taylor Wessing Portrait Prize – Finalist x 2 – Exhibition
Anrolfini Photography | CARNIVAL POP UP – Exhibition
Martin Parr Foundation – Tellers – Exhibition
Palm* Photo Prize – Finalist
PHmuseum Grant – Shortlist
Head On Photo Festival – Finalist
PA Futures – Shortlist
Bath Spa – Visiting Lecture
Genesis Imaging Postgraduate Bursary Award – Judge

‘Creative treatment of actuality’ Symposium (UWE)
British Journal of Photography / Meet California ‘Best so Far’
Martin Parr Foundation – UWE MA Photography Foundations – Exhibition
Genesis Imaging Postgraduate Bursary Award – Winner
British Journal of Photography / Postcards from Copenhagen – Finalist
Moran Contemporary Photographic Prize – Semi-Finalist x 2

British Journal of Photography / Portrait of Britain – Finalist