© Jerome Blin

Ordinary Trip

Jerome Blin

2019 — Saint-Nazaire, France

About this series

“With Ordinary Trip, Saint Nazaire has become a new setting for me to photograph. A city that has a common history with the working world through its port, its industries, its employees who work shift schedules. 
I imagined myself in the place of someone going to work at night, still numb with sleep, making this almost daily commute. So I looked in another way at the landscapes we cross, which become so familiar to us that sometimes we forget them. I tried to transcribe this state of semi-consciousness, between waking and sleeping, when you doze and you no longer know what is real. My photographs have a mysterious tone, they are sometimes enigmatic, disturbing, and also speak of loneliness. The characters, but also the landscapes can evoke a certain anxiety. I wanted to make this daily commute less ordinary, creating a cinematic atmosphere, and thus try to take a step aside from documentary photography.

The notion of «mental geography» (According to the definition given by the Vu gallery in Private magazine number 46) seems appropriate for this work. I use places that become sets, characters that become actors, to create a new story that belongs to me, more than to the people photographed. >From reality, a new mental space is constructed.”

© Jerome Blin
© Jerome Blin
© Jerome Blin
© Jerome Blin
© Jerome Blin
© Jerome Blin
© Jerome Blin
© Jerome Blin
© Jerome Blin

Photographer: Jerome Blin
Nationality: French
Based in: Saint-Nazaire, France
Instagram: @jerome_blin_photographie

2019 : launch of the publishing house Sur la Crête with Gaëtan Chevrier.
2018-2019 : art residency at the gallery le Carré d’art à Chartres de Bretagne
2017-2018 : art residency at the Law University from Nantes with Gaëtan Chevrier
2015-2017 : art residency at the Théâtre Universitaire de Nantes with Gaëtan Chevrier
2015-2017 : art residency Voyage Ordinaire in Saint Nazaire with l’association L’art à l’ouest
2015-2016 : art residency at Herbiers
2012 -2013 : art residency at the Maison des Arts in St Herblain with the collective Bellavieza
2010 -2011 : art residency Blain with Espho

2013 : Prix du jury de la presse photo Les Zooms photographiques with the series Nos adolescences (president : Peter Knapp)
March-April 2019 : exhibition  La Janais at the gallery Le Carré d’art de Chartres de Bretagne
September 2018 : exhibition  L’ombre présente at the Law University from Nantes
June 2018 : exhibition  L’entretemps at the festival Regard, Cergy
August-October 2017 : collective exhibition  Voyage Ordinaire in Saint Nazaire

April 2017 : exhibition with Gaëtan Chevrier Ce qui se joue at L’Atelier in Nantes
May 2016 : exhibition  L’Entretemps and L’Atelier at Herbiers (85)
September 2014 : exhibition of the series Nos adolescences at the QPN (Nantes)
July 2014 : projection of the series Nos adolescences at the Rencontres d’Arles (Nuits de l’année)
February 2014 : exhibition in Yokohama, Japan, of the series Nos adolescences.
November 2013 : exhibition of the series Nos adolescences at the Salon de la Photographie in Paris
2007-2008 : Regards au Québec, China (Alliances Françaises)
2005 -2006 : Passage à Qingdao – Alliances françaises in Chine / Région des Pays de la Loire