Elio © Reme Campos


Reme Campos

 2020 – Ongoing— London, UK

About this series

For the last 4 years , Reme Campos has been working with a small group of teenagers who identify as transgender, making collaborative portraits with them. This process is very much part of their personal journeys with their gender identity. She initially photographed Elio and Luci separately for a project about Brexit. Then, discovering they were a couple and that Elio was transgender, it snowballed – Elio introduced Reme to many of his friends who were transitioning and that is how this project started. Some people medically transition, others don’t. Some identify as a man or woman, others identify as non-binary and don’t conform to either label.
In these images, rather than directing the subjects, Reme uses the portrait sittings to share each personal journey as they transition, encouraging the teenagers to reflect upon how they wish to present themselves to the world.

Elio and Luci. © Reme Campos
Jayne and Elliot. © Reme Campos
Mattie. © Reme Campos
Fraser. Zoom photoshoot. © Reme Campos
Naissa. © Reme Campos
Elio and Fraser. © Reme Campos
Safi. © Reme Campos
Alana and Blue. © Reme Campos

Photographer: Reme Campos
Nationality: Spanish
Based in: London, UK
Website: https://remecampos.com
Instagram: @remecampos

The image of Elio and Luci (2) was shortlisted for The National Portrait Gallery, Taylor Wessing Portrait Prize and also for the Portrait of Britain 2019.