Raven in her homemade mask. © Rhombie Sandoval

East of Jesus

Rhombie Sandoval

2020 — California, USA

About this series

These portraits were made in Slab City, which is commonly described as “the last free place” to live in the United States. Often people travel here to experience living life off grid; to seek both community and solitude.
There is sometimes an association of running away when you seek life off the grid, but those I met were often running towards their own happiness.
When you start to listen to those inside the community, you’ll meet people of all different backgrounds who help dispel the myths surrounding Slab City.


Graham quail hunting from his trailer. © Rhombie Sandoval
Ben Wolfe cooling off in the canal. Slab City. © Rhombie Sandoval
Carol, last year's prom queen with her dog before heading to Slab City Prom. © Rhombie Sandoval
Captured Scorpion. © Rhombie Sandoval
Drew and his dog Rancid outside of their tent. © Rhombie Sandoval
Auto and his dog Jack outside of the tree his home was located in. © Rhombie Sandoval
© Rhombie Sandoval
David bathing himself with mud outside of the hotsprings. © Rhombie Sandoval
Diana.© Rhombie Sandoval

Photographer: Rhombie Sandoval
Nationality: American
Based in: California, USA
Website: www.rhombie.com
Instagram: @rhombie