Paradiso © Serena Dzenis

2021 ± II: Utopia Broadcasting

Serena Dzenis

 2021 — Iceland

About this series

Do you believe that the first space colony created by mankind will happen during your lifetime? Technology has advanced so quickly over the past few years. In the overall scheme of things, we’re just a flash in the pan and yet we’ve done so much to change our planet. Humankind is leaving a profound legacy on Earth, turning it into the sanctuary that we want it to be or perhaps farewelling a paradise that we’ve already lost.
‘2021 ± II: Utopia Broadcasting’ explores themes of futurism, human construction, sheer curiosity, consumerism, as well as the wonders and dangers associated with science. The overall aim of this project is to utilise existing structures within the Icelandic landscape to transport the viewer’s imagination to another world that exists outside of time – one where the conversation unravels questions about dreams for a better life amidst the darker side of human ideals.

Planet X Blues © Serena Dzenis
Interstellar Ark. © Serena Dzenis
Waterworld © Serena Dzenis
Venus Rising © Serena Dzenis
New Horizons © Serena Dzenis
Two Planets © Serena Dzenis
Search for Atlantis © Serena Dzenis
Radio Andromeda © Serena Dzenis
The Gemini Project © Serena Dzenis
The Shadow Factory © Serena Dzenis

Photographer: Serena Dzenis
Nationality: Australian
Based in: Reykjavik, Iceland
Instagram: @serenavsworld

Serena Dzenis is a lens-based artist from Australia who resides in Iceland. She uses her work to tell stories about science, conservation, environmental issues and the future of mankind. Serena’s photographs depart from the traditional, with a focus on capturing the otherworldliness that is sometimes associated with nature and human constructions on our own planet. The emphasis of her art is on storytelling within the landscape – connecting with the land and exploring the outcomes of human desires while immersing oneself in the rhythms and dangers associated with the living presence of this world.