Marseille. September 14th, 2020. End of summer in Marseille, Sunset view from the basilica of Notre Dame de la Garde, where young people come to watch the sunset over the sea. © Theo Giacometti


Theo Giacometti

2020 — Marseille, France

About this series

Far from the Provencal tourist postcard, the city of Marseille spreads its concrete, dusty and dilapidated boulevards far into the hills.
North of Marseille, the concrete flows without ever stopping, covering everything with its grey-white color that blinds the passers-by under the July sun. Here, we are far from the dolce Vita, from the bars overlooking the sea, or from the little train for tourists that paces the picturesque streets of the city center. Marseille, a dusty city, a noisy city, a city under construction. No trees, no grass. Only concrete, brand new or collapsing on these neighborhoods, where the sea is only a mirage.
“The fishermen don’t know how to swim, it’s good for the holidaymakers who go among the waves to have fun and who put themselves in the sun on purpose. The sun is pleasant for the one who takes it lying down, motionless. For the one who carries it on his back, the sun is a bag of coal”. Erri De Luca, Montedidio.

© Theo Giacometti
August 4th, 2020. Marseille during a heat wave. © Theo Giacometti
© Theo Giacometti
© Theo Giacometti
October 24, 2019. Marseille. France. View from an apartment in the city of the Flamants in the Saint Barthélémy district, 14th arrondissement. Women unite against social exclusion, advocating a fair distribution of the money seized by the police. The collective Pas Sans Nous fights for the reintegration and economic development of the working class neighbourhoods. © Theo Giacometti
© Theo Giacometti
© Theo Giacometti
July 17th, 2020. Marseille, France. View of the city's commercial port from the Grand Littoral shopping center, north of the city. © Theo Giacometti
© Theo Giacometti
© Theo Giacometti

Photographer: Theo Giacometti
Nationality: French
Based in: Marseille, France
Instagram: @theogiacometti_hl

Freelance photojournalist, born in 1989, member of the Studio Hans Lucas since 2018, I live and work in Marseille where I produce reports, for the press or NGOs, mainly around social and environmental issues.
Curious about the social mechanisms and humans that shape our society, I am interested in many universes and love to share and tell the stories I am going through.
Publications:  The Guardian, The New York Times, Libération, Le Monde, The Washington Post, Courrier International, Télérama, Society, L’Humanité, Reporters Sans Frontière, AFP, Fisheye Magazine, etc
Collaborations : Leica, Chanel, Le Ballet National de Marseille, Greenpeace, Fondation de France, Bloomberg, etc
Winner of the French Ministry of Culture Grant « Mondes Nouveaux »